lunedì 7 luglio 2014

I feel like I'm not a "baka gaijin" anymore ♥

If you live in Tokyo, you are a girl and you are less than 30 you MUST wear circle lenses.
So... It's happened.
After 9 months in Japan I did it.
I bought them, tried to put them in for about 30 minutes (with my bf and one of my flatmate by my side trying to give me instructions), watched several tutorial videos on You Tube, almost gave up, got hysterical and so on...
But finally I'M JAPANESE.

I like them cause they look pretty natural.
Not weird colors, no flashy effect, no an horrible black and thick outline.
That's why I've already decided that the next step will be this!

And now I can go to eat ramen like there is no tomorrow.
Have a lovely day ♥

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