venerdì 11 luglio 2014

ラブラブ...ホテル ♥

When you and your boyfriend live with other nine flatmates and both of you share the room with other two or tree people the privacy doesn't exist.
The chances to have some time to spend together are less than zero and that's why I'm glad to live in the most famous love hotel area in Tokyo.
Tourists ignore the existence of Uguisudani but for people who live in Tokyo it's a well known place.
From the train station what you can see are just dozens of love hotels... I guess they are about 50.
The love hotel area looks like a little neighborhood.
Street are made just by hotels, hotels and hotels.

Love hotels are pretty easy to recognize.
The cost it's written outside and you can choose to stay or just "rest" for a couple of hours.

Before getting in you also can take a look at the rooms...

...and for sure the outside is pretty sober ...

Feeling like being in Naples

After choosing your hotel you have to choose your room.
Obviously some of them are taken already. Especially during the weekend it's hard to find a decent room at a decent price because of all those salaryman ready to get drunk and cheat on their wives with some younger coworkers or prostitutes.

Only the bright rooms are available
Ones you chose your room you are ready to get in.
And now I have to reveal to all of you something really sad.
Love hotels are not crazy places with crazy stuff and everything you are used to think (ok maybe just 5% of them but they are really expensive and japanese people don't go in those kind of hotels).
The rooms are just...

...with some extra mirrors and and kitsch fornitures...
Comparing to normal hotels the extra are just a default background music (and if you forget to turn it off you could have sex with the soundtrack of Mary Poppins or The Godfather... as it happened to me...) , some pamphlets through which you can order some sex toys or require prostitutes and some condoms or a condoms vending machine.

To be honest me and my boyfriend go there basically to stay away from our flatmates and finally be able to watch some  movies without other people around who decide to join us without any invite ♥

Ready to watch Mononoke Hime 
... and obviously to do the rest too. the way if you have a partner and some extra money I suggest you to spend a night in a love hotel. It's a nice experience being in a building in which everyone is doing the same thing at the same time. And remember... the walls are not so thick ♥

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