sabato 19 aprile 2014

Pink or black? Which do you like?

Exhibitions and art events in Tokyo are absolutely the best.

These are some pictures I took few weeks ago at KaiKai Kiki Gallery during a special performance about 6Hearts Princess animation project by Takashi Murakami. My love.

6Hearts Princess was first previewed at "Murakami Versailles", the solo exhibition of Murakami at Chateau de Versailles, in 2010.
The animation project is a typical japanese Majokko. There is the good heroin with her pink outfit and fluffy double ponytails (ok... she really looks like Chibiusa) and the enemy in a black/purple outfit. They both have their magical pet and their magical goods. Then there is "the crew", I mean  "the others", the main character's friends with their colorful battle uniforms according with the japanese majokko tradition.

Last Christmas the two main characters of 6HP became the testimonials for the special Shu Uemura Christmas collection themed on the "dual beauty". Pink princess and Black Princess represented the double sides of a woman. Nice versus Naughty. Innocent versus Sexy. Ok maybe in a woman there is a bit more but...Ehy! I'm talking about Japan! What did you expect?

This is the video realized by Murakami for the collaboration with the famous make up brand.

Pink or black?

The performance was a kind of Sailor Moon live action episode or, in other words, one of the most trash and meaningless things I've ever seen in my life. Much worse than "Versailles no bara" movie.
At the same time I can't really say I had a bad time. I mean... ok It was horrible, but so horrible that I liked it.

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! I'm gonna follow it!
    I just love Kaikai Kiki, I have a thing on Murakami-san! I think the man is a genius!
    Right now I'm studying all about the Superflat art movement and I'm planning on doing my Graduation dissertation about him!
    Wished I've gone there too!!!

    1. aw! I wrote my dissertation about murakami too! almost 200 pages. if you need some extra infomation I'll be glad to help you! valentina