mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

Spring-Summer 2014. Aka what you are supposed to wear in Tokyo right now ♥

Finally school is over!  (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪
... so, obviously, it's raining.  ((´д`))
Bye bye visit to Ueno zoo.  (╥_╥)
The plan B consist in spending a lovely lazy day at home. (´ω`♡%)

Finally I had time to "read" some magazines I bough couple of weeks ago and, according to what I see every day around Tokyo, this is a list of what you are supposed to wear here in the next months.

♥ sailor stuff

Hi Kiko

♥ "good girls" coordinates

Shirts, sweaters, plissè miniskirts, white socks, loafers, pastel colors and bob hairstyle. Lots of love.
♥ platform loafers

♥ gingham

To me... better it it's pink. Just sayin'.
Pic from Fashionsnap
♥ Mickey Mouse.

Yes, again. For me it's fine. I can deal with it.

♥ fluffy stuff

♥ platform vinyl shoes

I think I need them
♥  matching set 

♥ pink
Pic from Fashionsnap
♥ trench coat

They are almost everywhere but do a favor to yourself and get a Burberry in a second hand shop.
As I did.
Pic from Fashionsnap
♥ beret

In Japan no one cares about the seasons actually...
Stop being poor and get something new.

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