domenica 30 marzo 2014

KaiKai Kiki and bla bla bla...♡

Hi from Kagoshima, aka my boyfriend's hometown. Since  my afternoonofsex attempt has just failed {{p´Д`q}}  and all the cats of the house decided to ignore meit seems like I have some time to post a new entry. 

Before leaving the civilization of Tokyo to visit Tomo's family in the country (it is a pretty lovely place actually and everyone feed me like I'm not eating for a couple of months) I finally had time to see an exhibition at KaiKai Kiki gallery ♡

I'm totally in love with Aya Takano's artworks but the staff didn't allow me to take any pictures °(ಗдಗ。)°.
Obviously I didn't care at all but, at least, it was hard and this is the best I could do...

And then a sweet break at AtoZ cafè in Aoyama designed by Yoshimoto Nara ♡

Lots of love ♡

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