lunedì 10 febbraio 2014

It's Christmas time!

It's Christmas time!
Ok... maybe it's not. Anyway last weekend in Tokyo it snowed a lot and I've spent lots of money so, at least, it was almost like Christmas.
At first I meant go clubbing but, when I've figured out I'm too fat to dress up like a slut, I gave up and decided to do something to cheer my mood up: shopping.

All from Ikebukuro Luminè

Mel Stringer illustration book... and someone else... 

I feel so '90s


The concept was "Becoming Kiko Mizuhara"...

Hat:American Apparel, shirt:Merry Jenny, skirt: second hand
shop, shoes: Mauro Leone, bag: Vivienne Westwood.


Saturday I was supposed to go to see an exhibition at Edo Tokyo Museum with my boyfriend but, since we argued cause he disliked the lunch I cooked for him and I got, obviously, mad, I went out with my roomies to pay him back <3

Tokyo is amazing. Always. That's it.

Silvy looks really happy

Shining Sunday...

"I want to became a Pretty Cure!" <3 


Oh... and at least we fixed it... cause how could I be mad with him?

I love them both <3

...And they lived happily ever after...

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