sabato 15 febbraio 2014

ラブラブ DAY

In Japan Valentine's day starts more or less after Christmas, Christmas starts after Halloween and Halloween starts in the end of September. This is what I've learned here. Japanese people can't stay more than one week without buying something useless waiting for the next event imported from the States.

...My presents from myself to myself...

By the way...
After ages of sad single life finally I got my romantic Valentine's Mc Donald's! *(*´∀`*)☆
I know I've said I wasn't going to eat that shit anymore in my life but...Hey! It was the week of the special American Vintage set with spicy sauce  (´∇ノ`*)ノ 

Since my boyfriend dislike chocolate I've decided to draw something for him...

...since I love chocolate and useless stuff this is what I received. On the right a bag full of sweets, on the right a new friend for my plastic friends. Silvy seems happy.

Pekochan <3

...but this is what I like the most...


When you are in love, life sucks a bit less than before.(´ω`♡%)

4 commenti:

  1. Essi... il nekino origami è il regalo migliore!!!!!

    1. Ho un po' pianto quando l'ho visto. Lo ammetto.

  2. ma quella valentine's cardddd!! <3 è ammmore!

    1. Anche a sua madre è piaciuta molto. Giuro.